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The Mysterious Twining Lives of Three Women in a Small Texas Town

Happy Publication Day to We Are All the Same in the Dark by Julia Heaberlin!

Ten years ago, Trumanell Branson and her father, Frank, went missing. The same night, fleeing the Branson farm, where she’d gone to meet her boyfriend Wyatt, Trumanell’s younger brother, Odette Tucker suffered a life-altering car accident. Wyatt became the leading suspect, but the police never could amass enough evidence to arrest him.

Odette left her small Texas town for college in Chicago, but when her father, a detective, died, she was compelled to return and join the police force. A documentary about Trumanell with an FBI agent fingering Wyatt has renewed the town’s antagonism against him. Although married, Odette’s feelings for Wyatt remain complicated, and she can’t help but want to protect him, even though her partner, Rusty, wants nothing more than to find the smoking gun that will send him away.

In this tempestuous atmosphere, Odette receives a call that Wyatt was seen in his truck with a young girl. Defying protocol, she rushed to his house, alone, and finds a mute, one-eyed girl. Feeling a sense of kinship with the girl Wyatt named Angel, Odette keeps her out of the system while trying to uncover her past. At the same time, she continues her off-record investigation into Trumanell’s disappearance. Angel might be prism through which Odette finds the answers or the spark that incites the roiling town.

I loved We Are All the Same in The Dark because of the strong female characters, the familiar Texas-Oklahoma landscape, and the magnificent writing. This is the type of literary thriller that has not only a gripping plot, but also well-drawn characters and relevant and important themes about identity, belonging, and belief. At one point, I was so shocked, I surprised my husband with the noise I made. Other moments, I was terrified. Additionally, I was delighted to see my hometown, Ardmore, Oklahoma mentioned!

For fans of Long Bright River, Please See Us, and These Women, I highly recommend this book.

Thank you to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for providing an advance reading copy in exchange for an honest review.