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The Last Tourist: Milo Weaver Tries to Outrun the Assassins Sent to Target Him

Happy Publication Day!

The Last Tourist (Milo Weaver #4)
Olen Steinhauer

Milo Weaver, former “Tourist,” a CIA-trained assassin, and now head of the secretive organization, the Library, has been in hiding in the Western Sahara when the CIA picks up his trail. They send Abdul Ghali, an analyst untested in the field, with a list of questions for the veteran agent because he’s been linked to a terrorist group.

Before they can even begin their conversation, two men attempt to kill them. They are Tourists, but they may not be taking orders from the CIA—their paymasters are unclear.

Determined to capture Milo’s story, Abdul goes on the run with him, learning how the Library unraveled and why Milo went into hiding. Hunted and with few allies, they must find out the complicated relationships and motivations driving the new Tourists. As Abdul begins to understand his own role, he has to decide where his loyalty lies—if he survives.

The Last Tourist (Milo Weaver #4) by Olen Steinhauer questions the tension between global powers and international businesses. It explores the problem of making decisions with incomplete information, depending on people you can’t trust, and the ethics and efficacy of using assassination.

While there is a lot of action, the plot is built on intrigue and the feints feints and parries between the characters and organizations. It’s a fascinating read, and I liked the shifting points of view, with Leticia being my favorite character. I also liked that big business was a major factor in the narrative. While I didn’t mind not knowing all the pieces of the puzzle, at times, I did wish I had a bit more information at times, but all the strands came together in the end.

Fans of spy thrillers will enjoy this novel!

Thank you to NetGalley and Minotaur Books for providing an advance reading copy in exchange for an honest review.