aimee dars reads

Salvation Station: Where Faith May Be Your Downfall

When the bodies of Reverend Gregory Hansen and his two young children are found buried in a parsonage garden, Captain Linda Turner vows to bring justice to the family. She immediately begins a search for the missing Nicole Hansen, but her leads dry up in Cleveland, and she thinks her promise will remain unfulfilled.

Meanwhile, in St. Louis, Reverend Ray Williams announces to his small staff that he’s planning to end his television ministry—but a woman from the congregation interrupts and says that God provided a plan to save the church in a dream. Although he initially has misgivings about the ethics of her ideas, he’s seduced in more than one way by the charming Susannah Baker—and his faith may be his downfall.

I read this plot-driven procedural in a day and was fascinated by watching how the multiple narrative strands converged over time. Rather than an accelerated investigation, this shows a more realistic timeline and the frustrations faced by detectives when confronted with budgetary concerns, competing priorities, and clever adversaries. Salvation Station, a debut novel by Kathryn Schleich, also illustrates how criminals can manipulate religious faith to nefarious ends.

At times, I wanted a little bit more characterization of the major characters and sometimes found the dialogue stiff, but the entertaining narrative and fascinating setting counterbalanced these concerns.

Thank you to Book Publicity Services and She Writes Press for a gifted copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.