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Happy Publication Day: NAMESAKE by Adrienne Young

Cover of Fable by Adrienne Young on ipad between orange flowers and beadsKidnapped by The Marigold’s arch-nemesis, Fable learns not only that she was being taken across The Unnamed Sea to help him secure an alliance with the powerful gem trader, Holland. Even worse, she finds that she’s been betrayed by one of the people closest to her. Yet, to return to West and the rest of her crew, she must negotiate the unfamiliar culture and out-strategize her enemies, even if that includes her father, Saint. As she navigates this new world, she learns more about her mother’s past and the secrets she died with.

I enjoyed the introduction of new characters and the unexpected return of others, all of whom heightened the tension and to one degree or another created obstacles for Fable. Additionally, West’s loyalty is swoon-worthy., I thought the development of the relationship between Fable and her father, Saint, was well-done. Plus, every time Fable mocked or bemoaned frocks or finery, I was amused!

I wish that the beginning had been shorter—I wasn’t as interested in what happened on the trip through The Unnamed Sea, especially since the other characters weren’t very important to the plot. As much as I loved West, I got frustrated with his tendency to make unilateral decisions in the name of taking care of people. And while Fable was as daring as ever, circumstances forced her into situations where she had few options, and she was much more wont to cry, but even the most experienced and ruthless traders can’t match her clever thinking.

While the second book of the duology had a strong ending and sufficiently resolved all storylines, there is still lots of life left in these characters and I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing them again!

Those who enjoyed Fable and fans of YA fantasy with strong female heroines will want to read this. Links to purchase both books are available at:

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Thanks to NetGalley and Wednesday Books for providing an advance reading copy in exchange for an honest review.