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BEHIND EVERY LIE: are there ever good reasons?

Disoriented, Eva Hansen wakes up in the hospital shocked to learn that she has been struck by lightning and her short-term memories erased. Even more devastating, she’s told her mother was murdered, and her unconscious body was found near her mother’s house. Detective Jackson of the Seattle Police Department focuses on Eva as a suspect.

Flashes of memories intrude on Eva’s waking moments, but she doesn’t know if they are reliable or a symptom of the lightning strike. Eva fears that Detective Jackson might be right, that she might have lost control and killer her mother. She decides to travel to London, her mother’s hometown, in the hopes of uncovering the secrets that may lead her to the truth. Someone else, though, is just as desperate to stop her.

I couldn’t put down Behind Every Lie, told in multiple timelines through both Eva’s perspective in the present and her mother, Kat’s, point of view from the past. The book goes beyond a thrilling mystery to explore layers of motherhood, trust, and the consequences of lies and betrayal. Both main characters are multi-dimensional, overall likeable, but at times frustrating and at times heartbreaking. I liked this even more than The Night Olivia Fell, so definitely think fans of McDonald’s earlier novel will love this as will those who enjoy books by Lisa Jewell and Nicci French.

Behind Every Lie by Christina McDonald publishes tomorrow, February 4. Look for it at your local bookstore!

Thank you to NetGalley and Gallery Books for providing an advance reading copy in exchange for an honest review.

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